Crystal clear water at Port Hughes the other day. #latergram #seeaustralia @australia #discoveraustralia (at Port Hughes)

Played with kangaroos today!

I know I know, I haven’t posted in ages and I’m sorry. I’ve been busy looking for a job here in australia and now that I have one I can get back into the swing of things. This is a raw vegan peach pie I made yesterday. Absolutely delicious!

Spent the night in Flinders National Park camping. My first time camping in Australia and wow is all I can say about the night sky. This is the view from a lookout along the way leaving this morning. #seeaustralia #discoveraustralia #exploringaustralia #australia #southaustralia @australia #flinders (at Flinders Ranges National Park)

It’s been a fun week down in Walpole, but it’s time to head back to Perth to catch a flight to Adelaide on Thursday. #australia #vscocam #travel #backpacking #nikon

This is The Giant Tingle, a 300 year old red tingle tree that has a girth of 24 metres. This tree is famous for being the oldest and largest. Even though the base of its trunk has been hollowed out due to a fire, it is still living. #westernaustralia #australia #discoveraustralia #adventure #explore #backpacking #nature

Still not sure if I feel like I’m in Australia.. #vscocam #australia #westernaustralia #discoveraustralia @australia #sky #clouds

This here Swarbrick Jetty in the Walpole inlet. Walpole is a small town of 500 at the very bottom of Western Australia. I’m here working at a hostel/lodge for accomodation. #vscocam #travel #backpacker #backpacking #westernaustralia #discoveraustralia #australia

Oh hey guys, I’ve made it to Perth! I’ve been so busy I’ve had no time to write about the vegan food in London, but I will post my vegan food from flying on Emirates to Australia very soon.

lozitfast asked: Where are you from. I noticed we eat at some of the same places and my roommate works for cinnamon snail!

Northern New Jersey! And sorry to take so long to answer, a little busy getting settled on the other side of planet Earth!

I walked out of the underground and looked up and saw this guy. #bigben #london

I don’t have service while I’m here in England so here is a #latergram from today. It cleared up into a beautiful day. #london #vscocam

I moved to the states from England when I was 6, so this is my first time in #London #vscocam #travel

My last view of NYC for a long time. I arrived in England yesterday and am staying with my sister for two weeks. Then I’m continuing on to Australia October 7th.

My last cinnamon snail for an entire year from this past Friday. We shares the thanksgiving sandoo and the blue corn hempseed crusted tempeh sandwiches. So perfect.